November 18, 2011

In a Special Needs Home

Every once in a while, I realize how my life is probably a little different than that of a mom who has typical children. I consider myself a mom to TWO special needs kids right now...Charlie's severe milk allergy certainly qualifies in my mind and it's very likely that he'll continue to be allergic to milk and possibly other foods as well. Anyway, I'm pretty sure that most households do not have a industrial sized pump of food thickener and special order amino acid formula on their counters.

Now, I realize this isn't a huge deal and that there are plenty of you out there who are going "Oh yeah? How about having 'XYZ' in your house?" So go ahead, send me a pic and share your story. I'd like to do a little feature on items used by children with special needs. I think it will be a good way for others to learn what is out there and maybe even help each other out. My email address is maggie (dot) fluck @ hotmail (dot) com. Can't wait to hear from you!


  1. Man that is a monster bottle of simply thick. I didnt know they made it like that! I dont know my scariest thing. A butt load of meds on the counter, or oxygen tanks and respiratory stuff.

  2. FYI, they recently recalled Simply Thick products that were made in one particular warehouse. If I was to post pics I think thet would be of all my hubby's handiwork building benches for dressing/putting on shoes and the handrails he made for her height so she can get up the stairs.
    Have you tried the humidifier at night blast it in her room so she does not dry out which equals pain. I feel for her it is a really painful thing and the nights were the worst.

  3. Wow, this brings back memories... We must have had 20,000 ketchup sized packets of simply thick that the hospital sent us home with.... Praying that your bottle will go away soon.


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