November 11, 2011


So, the wonderful trip to Sci-Quest sent us home with a parting gift....germs. Yeah, I, Rachel and Charlie have been sick with the snots since Tuesday. Rachel has been the speediest to recover. I think it's because she uses Nasonex. But even with boogies running down her face, she still usually has a smile.
The best part of mornings...

Charlie on the other hand HATES even the slightest booger in his nose. Wow, that little guy just flips. His little cold turned into croup. It started today after his naps and I took him right in to the Pediatrician because there wasn't any way I was waiting until after the weekend and taking the chance we had to go to the ER. Now we have meds and things should be turning better for him shortly. I am still shaking it off. I'm not huge on taking medicine if I think I can muddle through it. So far, so good. I hope everyone is feeling almost 100% by Sunday. We're going to get a family picture taken. I thought it would be a good idea to get one before Charlie is no longer an infant!
Before that nasty bug took over...

On Monday, Rachel will be going into the hospital to have her tonsils and adenoids removed in the hopes that it will help her sleep better. She's always had some sleep apnea but over the last 2 months it's gotten much worse to where she is constantly tossing and turning throughout the night. You can hear her banging her head and legs against the bars as she tries to find a position that allows her to breath better. It's terrible. Her ENT said that on a scale of 0-4 (4 meaning the tonsils touch), Rachel's are a 3. I'm looking forward to her being more comfortable at night and sleeping better, but I hate that we have to put her through this. It already is killing me thinking about her being in pain.


  1. I'll be thinking of you guys and hoping her surgery is smooth. Just thinking about these things ourself with our little 10 month old who is having major sleep issues also.

  2. Oh I hope all goes well. T and A's are not fun. Hoping for a speedy recovery! Beau's Mom

  3. ugh, everyone I know is sick right now! Including me...started with Blake on Wednesday and has ran it course through our house, but for some reason it's kicking my butt..
    Hoping Rachel's surgery goes well tomorrow...Brooke had her adenoids out and it was no biggie...the tonsils are hear are a bit more yucky...but so worth it in the end!


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