November 1, 2011

Halloween Happiness

Ah, Halloween. How I love it. This year, my energy level wasn't where it should be but Rachel more than made up for it. She had an absolute blast walking from house to house (something we have to keep her from doing whenever she is outside). She held my hand the whole time and was basically pulling me! Once her little treat bag got some treats in it, she was more than happy to hold that too. Little Charlie lasted about two seconds in his costume. Not only did it just fit, he was hot as heck in it, so we had to change him out of it before we went outside. The kid is a heater. He's going to be that baby in only a diaper all next summer and I'll be getting disproving looks from other mothers. I promise to not take him to Walmart like that though! Here is picture overload!!

the only smile while in this costume!
happy naked!


  1. I had an adorable peas in the pod costume when Jack (#2) was a baby, and he lasted 5 minutes! You're's just too hot for them...
    so for trick or treating that year he was baby in a diaper...

  2. Rachel is an adorable little bumble bee and I am absolutely charmed by Charlie's chubs - he looks like our little Merryn - the child doesn't miss a meal and she has the thighs to prove it!

  3. What a sweet bumblebee, she looks so happy. I wish we could have Halloween more in a year it is a great way to get outside, exercise and meet neighbors.
    Charlie looks so chunky, I love it.


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