November 7, 2011

Mr. Smiley and All That Jazz

I think I can finally say that little Charlie has turned a corner. Finally. He is now a happy boy most of the time. The only time he isn't is because of typical baby stuff...he's hungry or he's tired. I like this new baby. But, oh, I keep saying "little" Charlie when in fact the guy is a monster!
He is now in 9 month clothes. That's right folks, he'll be 3 months on the 12th. HA! So, we have a very small little girl for her age and a giant for a 3 month old. Again, total opposites in every aspect of who they are. BUT, Charlie loves Rachel. His face just lights up at the sight of her. When she is eating lunch, he is just smiling away watching her. Rachel is warming up to him too. She comes over when he is doing tummy time on the floor and lays down next to him as if to say "You can do it!". She likes to pet him nicely (as we taught her using the dogs) and help him put his hand in his mouth (which she does with the dogs and their paws, hahah!). I've been trying to get some video of Charlie as he blabbers and laughs but that camera just spooks him right now and he stops in his tracks whatever it is that he was doing. So, hopefully, soon, I'll have some of that.
She's been obsessed with trying to fit into tiny spaces lately
This past Saturday we all went to Sci-Quest. It's a pretty cool place, especially if you are a kid. Rachel was a bit too small for most of the stuff but the place was so huge she had fun just running around. They had two big screens that were interactive and she liked those. Charlie slept most of the time in the Baby Bjorn on Stephen. Again, I can't wait until Charlie starts walking and they can run around together. I just know they are going to have a blast with each other.

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