November 19, 2011

What a Week.

It's been a long week of nothing but snot, spit, medicine and crying coming from our Rachel girl. And it's still going....big girl is still in major pain without a heavy pain medication. We've tried just Tylenol but it does not work. I called her pediatrician to get a refill on her pain meds and he seemed concerned that she is still in so much pain after a week. He wants us to call the ENT's service and see what they would like us to do. Ugh. I just want my girl to get better. :(

You can see from this photo how tired she is. I don't know how we managed to get a smile. She is so beat up from lack of sleep and crying and being in pain. She's lost weight too and I hate seeing her so skinny. And her hair? Well, when she is upset and hurting all the stuff coming out of her nose and mouth gets smeared into it. She's had to have a bath every night this week. Come back to us Rachel girl. I miss your wild ways.


  1. poor baby! Brooke had her adenoids out, but I know people whose kids had tonsils out too, and they said it was a week or two of hell, and just when you thought they were better, bam! the scab came off the tonsils and a couple more days of pain ensued...
    um, that wasn't good news...sorry...

  2. Poor girlie. Hoping she feels better soon. Hate to picture her in pain...

  3. So sorry to hear that Mag. She'll be ok. It's probably hard because she's too young to understand exactly what she had done to her and that would be frustrating for anyone. Love you and wish I could be there to help out.


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